Hey guys!

Thank you so so so much for waiting patiently for us. We would like to take this moment to thank you all for following and supporting us on our journey. We are finally back with a better concept, vision and most importantly new sunglasses in different colors and shapes for you and a re-designed website as well.
You guys have been wondering what GANJI is and who is behind this brand. So, let’s start with a proper introduction of the creators.
Melody is an experienced stylist/sales advisor that have been working in the retail-fashion industry for years and Rickey comes with an economic background. We combined our strengths and competence to create and share our vision to the world. GANJI is a Scandinavian eyewear brand however we wanted to maintain the Asian roots in the brand since we both comes from Asian backgrounds.
The Scandinavian audience is very fond of minimalistic design when it comes to fashion, interior and lifestyle. With GANJI we want to provide good quality sunglasses with a touch of chicness, edginess and diversity to affordable prices.
Sunglasses are the ultimate accessory. Sunglasses are such a big statement piece and is an item you always carry around. For the past few years the Asian fashion trends, especially Korean fashion has slowly made its appearance in the western trends. And that’s actually how we came up with the name GANJI which also means – Korean slang meaning “a feeling of hip, fresh and stylish” which is used among young people. Anyone and anything can have GANJI!”.
We hope you’ll keep supporting us and join our colorful, creative and fun universe of GANJI.
All love,
Melody & Rickey